The Kent Buccaneers are an amateur baseball club based in Hadlow, Kent. We are part of the British Baseball Federation (BBF) and currently boast two teams, one in Single A (A) and one in Triple A (AAA).
We are currently recruiting for Male and Female players (rookies or experienced/current players).








If you are interested in getting involved for the 2021 season, whether it be as a player, volunteer or fan, do not hesitate in contacting us!

British Baseball Federation









Get down low when fielding a ground ball, and use two hands to field the ball. Stay in front of the ball if you can. Don't be lazy, get in the set position early.
Training Tips
Training Tips
The most common pitching grip: the Four Seam Fastball, work on your grip and release for a better, faster throw.
Bend your knees slightly when batting, bring the knob of the bat through first and swing the bat hard. Twist your back foot round as if you are squashing a bug and keep your weight on the back foot. Don't lunge!

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