Adult Teams
We have entered two adult (14+yrs) teams into the British Baseball Federation (BBF) leagues, one in 'Single A' and one in 'Triple A'.
Roster 2020
Single A
Christian Carter (P, C, IF) - Team Manager
Russell Markey (C, IF, OF)
Dan Rose (P, IF, OF)
Robert Bristow (P, C, IF, OF)
James Miller (OF, IF, P)
George Ellis (OF, 2B, 3B)
Zy Gis (IF, OF)
Phillip Jones (OF, 2B, SS)
Robin Chappell (1B, OF)
Louie Ryan (OF, 2B)
Heather Johnson (OF, 2B, 3B)
Mark Miller (OF, 2B)
Amy Wilson (OF, 2B)
Natalie Bethune (OF, 2B)
Matt Mackintosh (SS, 3B)
Charlotte Chamberlain (OF, 2B)
Gareth Chamberlain (1B, 2B, SS, OF)
Harry Wilson (OF, 2B, C)
Triple A
Eduardo Rodrigues (IF, OF) - Team Manager
Martin Barker (C, 1B)
Jon Carter (P, C, 1B, OF)
Ben Carter (SS, 2B, C, OF)
Laurence Hodgkins (IF, OF)
Alfredo Batista (P, 1B, OF)
Jose Manuel Valero (IF, OF, C)
Jorge Wilhelm (OF, 1B)
Gustavo Diaz (IF, OF)
Mark Mills (OF, 1B)
Cristian Secareanu (P, C, IF, OF)
Juan Ayala (2B, OF)
Bruce Webb (P, IF, OF)
Andrew Thompson (OF, 2B)
Inacio Rafael Pereira
Wilson Porras
Youth Teams
We have a youth team (5-14yrs) in 2020.
Kent Bucs Baseball have certified coaches with Level 2 BSUK Coaching Qualifications, as well as former Great Britain Baseball players and international players playing and coaching.
Kent Knights Youth Baseball
(Ages 5-9)
Kent Bucs Youth Baseball
(Ages 10-14)

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